What is CDSS?

Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) is a water management system under continual development and improvement by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) and the Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR).

The CDSS is a data centered system designed to:
  • Develop accurate, user-friendly databases
  • Provide data, tools, and models to evaluate alternative water administration strategies in various hydrologic conditions
  • Maintain a functional system that can be used by decision makers and others
  • Promote information sharing among government agencies and water users
Provide credible information on which to base informed decisions concerning management of Colorado's water resources.

Supporting Agencies
The CWCB was created nearly 75 years ago to provide policy direction on water issues. Today, the agency is Colorado’s most comprehensive water information resource. The CWCB maintains expertise in a broad range of programs and provides technical assistance to further the utilization of Colorado’s waters. Its mission is to conserve, develop, protect, and manage Colorado’s water for present and future generations.

The DWR strives to be a leader in the water community of Colorado and the western United States. The DWR’s mission includes providing competent and dependable distribution of water in accordance with statutes, decrees, and interstate compacts; maintaining and providing accurate and timely information concerning water; helping the public understand complex water issues; and promoting stability in the use of the state’s limited water resources.

The CDSS provides a water management system that supports the missions of both the CWCB and DWR by providing information and tools to users, enabling them to make better management decisions related to Colorado’s limited water resources.

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