Welcome to Colorado's Decision Support Systems!

Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) is a water management system developed by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) and the Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR) for each of Colorado’s major water basins.

Our Online Tools are being upgraded with a new look and expanded features!    The following tools have been updated:

The Map Viewers have also been updated! Check out the Map Viewer page for new links.

What’s Available

The CDSS provides users with the following data, tools, and products:  

  • Basins - From water resource data access to sophisticated modeling, the DSS has been implemented, to various degrees, for all river basins within the state. 
  • Online Tools – These web-based tools can be used without additional software so that users can easily access all the CDSS’s water data.
  • Software Products – Specific software products used to develop the CDSS in various basins are available for users to download for either creating new models or using baseline data sets (Modeling Data).
  • Modeling Data – Baseline data sets developed through the CDSS are available for various Software Products.
  • GIS Data – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data developed through the CDSS are available for download for each of the divisions throughout Colorado.
  • Documents – Various documents related to the CDSS are also available so that users can view or download the latest reports, technical memoranda, publications, meeting materials, and more.
How Do You Get from Data to Decisions?

Diagram showing how the CDSS helps users turn data into decisions.