Map Viewer

We've updated the Map Viewer!  It has a cleaner interface and more functionality.  You can draw and annotate your map, export shapefiles, do limited analysis, and share your map for later use or collaboration.

Map Viewer is a free, web-based GIS application that provides water feature information in the form of an interactive map of Colorado. Features can be selected and identified, and links are provided to more detailed information and data available for download for that feature.

There are a variety of map viewers designed with specific tasks in mind. To see a list, check out DWR's FAQ here. The maps below are the most commonly used for DSS purposes. Looking for AquaMap? It's gone, but its functionality can be found in many of the maps below.

Map Description Link
HydroBase Data Viewer: For use in viewing and researching HydroBase data.  View information for stream gages, diversion structures, well applications, final permits, groundwater levels, dams, water rights source waters, irrigated lands  the surface water supply index and instream flow locations.  Useful for general data research. *Does not contain Instream Flow Reaches. Users who need to see ISF data should use the CWCB Data Viewer or the Full CDSS Map Viewer.

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Water Supply Data Viewer: For use in viewing data related to subdivision water supply plans, water court applications, substitute water supply plans, well permit application review and Denver Basin information.  Useful for consultants, water supply planners, developers and water lawyers.

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CWCB Data Viewer: View data specific to CWCB instream flows, Construction Fund loans, recreational in-channel diversions (RICDs), WSRF grants and more.

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Full CDSS Map Viewer:  All inclusive map viewer with over 170 map layers of DWR and CWCB data.  (Due to the number of data layers, users may experience slower response times.)

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Common Uses:
  • Use an interactive, web-based map to find Colorado water and climate features
  • Find and identify points of diversion along a specific reach of a river
  • Locate a climate station closest to a point of interest
  • Find existing wells in a given area
The Colorado DWR (CDWR) information is provided for informational purposes only. CDWR makes no express or implied warranties or representations as to the accuracy, usefulness, timeliness or completeness of the information. CDWR assumes no liability for any damages that may result to any user as a direct or indirect result of any decision or action taken or not taken, based in whole or in part on use of the information. The user shall assume all risk of using the information.

At this time, CDSS Map Viewer fully supports Internet Explorer 9.0 and higher, as well as Firefox and Chrome. You will need to disable your pop-up blocker. Please refer to the Help documentation for your browser for instructions on how to disable the blocker.

Please direct all questions or comments about CDSS Map Viewer to the address on the CDSS Map Viewer toolbar.