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 Current Modeling Datasets

Surface Water (StateMod)

StateMod historic and baseline data sets provide information on water supply and allocation of this supply in response to demands, consistent with the prior appropriation system. StateMod data sets have been updated as part of theĀ Colorado River Water Availability Study (CRWAS). The data sets provide an overall modeling framework or can be used as a starting point for the development of other data sets. As a part of CRWAS, an online data viewing tool was also created that allows users to view CRWAS results generated from StateMod.

Major Features:
  • Modeling data sets exist for the Colorado, Gunnison, San Juan/Dolores, and Yampa/White basins
  • Data sets include updates to basin-specific model data and calibration based on Basin Roundtable meetings, water user interviews, and updated studies, such as the Colorado River Water Availability Study (CRWAS) project
  • Archived data sets and reports including general basin information are also available
Common Uses:
  • Baseline model data as a starting point for a water supply study

Archived Surface Water Modeling Data: