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 Current Model Datasets

Consumptive Use (StateCU)

Baseline StateCU data sets have been developed to estimate and report crop consumptive use (CU) within the state. The number and type of data sets varies for each basin. These data sets can be run as historical or baseline models in StateCU or as a starting point for the development of other data sets.

Major Features:
  • Crop irrigation water requirements by CU location
  • Water supply limited crop CU by structure
  • Water supply limited crop CU by structure considering groundwater
  • Water supply limited crop CU by structure and priority
  • Depletion by structure and priority 
Common Uses:
  • Provide quality-controlled climate data for a specific station in a StateCU model run
  • Review historical crop CU analysis on a basin-wide scale
  • Allow climate change, irrigation practice, and water supply changes to be evaluated

Archived Consumptive Use Modeling Data: