Division 1 - South Platte

Division 1 (South Platte Basin) GIS data sets are available for download and can be used directly in ArcGIS. Map Viewer is a free web-based tool available to users and does not require ArcGIS.

GIS data layers are available as ESRI personal geodatabases, compatible with version 10.1 and later, as well as in zipped shapefiles. Point features have been generated from the most recent HydroBase database by division and major data type. Data coordinates are in the UTM Zone 13 (NAD 83) projection. Polygon and other layers have been collected from other sources. Features generated from HydroBase contain only the minimum attributes for the data type.

GIS Data Library

Title/Description File Type Last Updated
Division 1 Boundaries - division, district and county boundaries Geodatabase 8/1/2011
Division 1 Canals - Irrigation canals and ditches Zipped Shapefile 2/24/2015
Division 1 Soils - STATSGO database with available water capacity calculations Zipped Shapefile 1/1/1994
Division 1 Land Use - National land cover dataset Zipped Shapefile 5/7/2010
Groundwater Data - aquifer contours and properties, well data, and other groundwater point and raster/grid data
Division 1 Aquifer Grids Raster 8/1/2011
Denver Basin Bedrock Data Geodatabase 8/1/2011
South Platte Alluvial Data Geodatabase 8/1/2011
SPDSS Groundwater Model Database *Use with Model geodatabase Database 3/1/2013
SPDSS Groundwater Model Geodatabase *Use with Model database Geodatabase 3/1/2013
Irrigated Lands - irrigated land coverages, associated ditch headgates and wells, ditch service areas. The geodatabase also includes relational tables as well as soil and land use data.
Division 1 Irrigated Lands File Geodatabase (includes all years) Geodatabase 3/30/2016
Division 1 Irrigated Lands 1956 Zipped Shapefiles 3/30/2016
Division 1 Irrigated Lands 1976 Zipped Shapefiles 9/25/2015
Division 1 Irrigated Lands 1987 Zipped Shapefiles 9/25/2015
Division 1 Irrigated Lands 1997 Zipped Shapefiles 9/25/2015
Division 1 Irrigated Lands 2001 Zipped Shapefiles 9/25/2015
Division 1 Irrigated Lands 2005 Zipped Shapefiles 9/25/2015
Division 1 Irrigated Lands 2010 Zipped Shapefiles 3/30/2016
Republican Basin Irrigated Lands Geodatabase (includes all years) Zipped Geodatabase 8/23/2017
Republican BasinĀ Irrigated Lands 2010 Zipped Shapefiles 8/23/2017
Republican BasinĀ Irrigated Lands 2015 Zipped Shapefiles 8/23/2017
Republican Basin Irrigated Lands 2016 Zipped Shapefiles 8/23/2017