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Review various CDSS-related documents. Wildcards (*) may be used in the Title and Description fields.

The CDSS provides links to program related documents, such as project reports and information, technical memoranda, meeting materials, basin information, and publications. Available types of documents include:

  • Basin Reports:¬†Surface water model reports, general basin information and water resource information.
  • Meeting Materials: Agendas and meeting minutes for various meetings related to CWCB projects, basin roundtables, and peer review meetings.
  • Modeling Briefs: Short reports documenting model development and calibration for CDSS projects.
  • Modeling Dataset Documentation: Documentation and release notes related to CDSS modeling data sets.
  • Peer Review: Peer review comments related to CDSS projects sumbitted to CWCB both other parties.
  • Publications: Brochures, newsletters, CDSS component overviews, and posters related to CDSS projects.
  • Reports: Technical reports, CWCB annual reports and CDSS final reports, project reports and summaries.
  • Scopes of Work: Scope of work documents related to CDSS tasks and CWCB projects.
  • Software Documentation: User manuals and documentation related to CDSS software programs.
  • Straight Line Diagrams: Straight Line diagrams of select districts showing major diversions, tributaries, reservoirs, etc. along the length of major rivers.
  • Studies: CDSS feasibility studies completed for the state's river basins.
  • Summaries: Project progress reports and work activity summaries.
  • Task Memorandums: Task memorandums related to CWCB projects and CDSS tasks.
  • Videos/Presentations: Materials associated with presentations related to projects and CDSS components.